The 7 Unexpected Problems of a Leaky Roof

Due to our weather patterns and extreme heat, Florida homes are prone to water damage and mold (see the typical lifespan of a Florida roof). Water damage caused by a leaky roof not only requires immediate attention; but here are seven problems you may not have been expecting:


Just below your roof lays your attic or ceiling. Many home owners start to suspect roof leaks when they see mold or water damage to their attic or ceiling. Offices with ceiling tiles start to see discolored and damaged tiles. Homes with painted ceilings will start to see small and even large bubbles forming on their ceiling and sometimes discoloration. If not caught early, the damage can also start affecting the walls touching the ceiling as well as crown molding. Mounted lights and fans can also be damaged.


Due to Florida’s hot and humid climate, once water from roof leaks gets into walls and ceilings it’s not long before mold and mildew start to grow and quickly spread. Not noticing mold or mildew issues or not repairing them quickly will allow the mold to spread to your air conditioning and ventilation system which then spreads it to other areas of your home, furniture and even clothing.

The most common kind of mold is called black mold. Black mold is most commonly found in building materials, caused by damp conditions or water damage. Some black mold is considered toxic. While in most cases the black mold that grows in homes is non-toxic, it is still capable of growing on wood framing, ceiling and ceiling tiles, walls and wood flooring and so on. Mold problems are generally difficult to fix and can be quite costly.

It is important to catch leaky roofs and repair them before they create extensive mold or mildew damage.

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Repairing a leaky roof as soon as it’s found can prevent future health problems.  Breathing mold and mildew can cause poor health and if prolonged can lead to medical issues and severe allergic reactions. Nasal congestion, inflammations and even asthma can all be caused by an environment that has poor air quality.


Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year and are the third leading cause of home structural fires (ref.)

Leaky roofs can cause short wiring that runs through your attic or ceiling, potentially causing a fire. For that reason, you should always turn off the electricity to the area that has a leak or is close to the leak until repaired.


When roof leaks are severe they can cause water build up on floors. If not seen or if not noticed, wet floors can cause you or your family and children to slip and fall when walking or playing around the house. If your roof is leaking so much that you have water puddles on the floor, immediately call a professional roofer to repair or replace the roof.


Higher than usual energy bills are a sign of a roof leak or a damaged roof. If you see clear signs of a leaky roof, this could definitely be the cause. Left un-repaired, roof leaks can also cause damage to the insulation within your walls causing for your heating or air conditioning to be less effective.


Probably one of the most obvious problems caused by a roof leak is structural damage to your home. Ceiling beams, wooden studs and wall structures, crown molding and exterior trim, ceiling joints and many other structure aspects can be damaged by prolonged water damage caused by leaky roofs.

As you can see, there are many house hold problems that can result from a leaky roof. Leaks in your roof should be treated immediately. When you see a leak in your roof or signs of a leak, whether it’s big or small, it’s critical that you have it checked out and repaired quickly. No 1. Home Roofing offers free inspections and estimates and in most cases can beat pricing quotes provided by other roofing companies. Contact us by calling (727) 777-7131 or clicking here.

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