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If you’re near Clearwater, you know that going down to St. Pete makes for a beautiful day trip. Most of the beach is crowd-free and the privacy and beauty allows for a relaxing setting for family fun. Living in the area, St. Pete residents know that the weather can at times take away from those lovely beach days and even cause problems in terms of water damage to their home.

Through the months of June, July, August, September, and even into October, rainfall levels in St. Pete are rather high. Morning humidity can and often does reach 90 percent, and the temperatures in those summer months average in the 90s.

While common, everyday winds speeds in St. Pete are rather low, but the beach is in an area that makes it more vulnerable to any tropical storm or hurricane activity, which presents a problem for homeowners, renters, and businesses in the area. Damage from storms along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico can be catastrophic. This southwestern area of Florida is one where No. 1 Home Roofing sees a good deal of roof damage from debris falls and water damage from torrential downpours during tropical storm seasons.

Homeowners and business owners alike should be aware of the potential threat that they may encounter living in the St. Pete area. With your building or treasured home close to the shore, you run the risk of many roofing problems. Shingles and tiles could be blow off, punctures from falling branches are a risk, and the inner layers of your roof will be at risk of damage which could lead to internal water problems. Once moisture has penetrated the membrane and inner layers of your roofing system, you’ll need repairs.

No. 1 Home Roofing comes out to your home and business when you’re in immediate need of roof repair. Our emergency services allow for you to not incur any further damage while you make a good plan for hurricane proofing in the future. While not every disaster can be avoided or guarded against, our top-of-the-line products, with which we are certified, give you ratings with wind speed resistances and water resistance that ensures your home’s and family’s safety.

Another worry that homeowners in the St. Pete area should be aware of is tornado activity. Wind speed during your everyday life is rather low and days are mild, but during tornado season, many noted and high-disaster tornadoes have done a great deal of damage in the area. In 1992 both injury and death was caused by a category F3 tornado, which resulted in tens of millions of dollars in damages. Homeowners, especially those with larger waterfront properties, ended up losing much of their cherished investments.

In St. Pete Beach–one of No. 1 Home Roofing’s top service areas–homes are located on the barrier island of Long Key. The island’s location makes for high flood rates, lending to necessary precautions taken by homeowners. Roofing systems may be at risk of gathering water during storms, lending to pooling on your roof. Other risk factors during flooding should be thought of for lower homes and those in areas where tides may rise above ground level during hurricanes. Floods may rise to a level that most of your home and maybe part of your roof is entirely saturated. Saturation of materials, especially when not properly constructed, or when not maintained for several years, could be permanently damaged, letting water continue to seep further into your roofing system, and later to the inside of your home.

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Moisture & Leaks

The most common problem associated with roofing repairs is moisture and leakage.


Shingle blow-offs occur most frequently when flashing is installed poorly.

Punctures & Penetration

Puncture areas sometimes occur as a result of natural disasters or abusive weather, especially to more thinly constructed roofs.

Ponding Water

Improper or blocked drainage, roofs with level problems, and dead-level (flat) roofs are at risk of incurring pooling areas of water, which can create leaks.

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No. 1 Home Roofing is a family owned and operated roofing company and are conveniently located in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are dedicated to providing top quality workmanship and materials to ensure that your new roof is done right. Your peace of mind is important to our family! We specialize in shingle, tile, and flat roof installation, repairs, and maintenance. We offer competitive prices and written guarantees, and provide customer friendly service from out entire staff. We make it a point to provide helpful information and knowledge to educate our customers and address all individual needs and requirements.

No. 1 Home Roofing is a family owned and operated roofing company and are conveniently located on US Highway 19 in Palm Harbor, Florida. We are dedicated to providing top quality workmanship and materials to ensure that your new roof is done right. Your peace of mind is important to our family!

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