How Long Does A Roof Last in Florida?


If you live in Florida, you have a unique set of circumstances to take into consideration when you think about the lifespan of your roof, roof repairs or roof replacements.

Florida homes, and more specifically their roofs, are open to a lot of direct sun, extreme heat and humidity, heavy rain, storms, wind and the occasional nearby hurricane.

Due to these harsh elements, roofs in Florida tend to last less time than they would in some other states.

The current condition of your roof, the installation and quality of materials can help ensure your roof lasts as long as possible. Unfortunately while many roofing companies issue warranties of up to 30 years on their roofs, due to its climate, roofs in Florida tend to last 15 years on the short end and 25 years on the long end.


Despite Florida’s weather conditions, there is one essential factor that can help ensure and extend your roof’s lifespan: ROUTINE ROOF MAINTENANCE.

All too often, homeowners call a professional roofer when they see a leak, missing shingles, heavy mold conditions and, in other words, when the roof is in poor condition and most likely in need of a roof replacement.

But just like your car, your air conditioner or even your body, your roof requires routine maintenance in order to remain in working condition. The simple fact is, a roof will last longer if you, as a homeowner, are determined to take care of it on a routine basis.

An annual roof inspection can help detect minor faults that require a simple roof repair; preventing the need for a roof replacement or more extensive and costly work.

annual roof inspection

Without a professional roof inspection, it’s hard to estimate how long your roof will last. And many different factors make it difficult to give an average lifespan for every roof.

Below we’ve listed the three most common roof types in Florida and their estimated average lifespan as well as some basic roofing tips.



One of the most common roofs found on Florida homes are made of asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingle roofs can last anywhere from 15 years to 25 years, depending on their condition, their installation and of course, as mentioned above, their owner.

Another very important factor that will determine the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is the quality of the material used and the thickness of the shingles.

Some manufactures make shingles that are considerably thicker and that, with proper installation, can hold up to winds equivalent to a category 4 hurricane.

The best way to prolong the lifespan of your shingle roof is to ensure roof repairs are done using quality materials and to conduct annual roof inspections; helping to catch any needed roof repairs early and preventing further damage.


Many home owners prefer the look of clay tile over asphalt shingles. In many states, with proper installation, clay tile roofs can last up to 50 years and some times even hundreds of years. Many older European homes were constructed with clay tile roofs that have held for many years. But there is a downside, especially in Florida.

Clay tile roofs (sometimes also made of concrete) require more routine roof maintenance; usually twice a year. Due to Florida’s direct sunlight, battering storms and tree branches, and hurricane season, clay tile roofs will require a lot more repair, making them also more costly.

Florida’s extreme heat creates a sort of “baking affect”, making the clay tiles more brittle and harder to repair since they can break when walked on.

On the plus side, clay tile roofs are less likely to leak as long as tiles are still in place. And, while more costly to maintain and repair, with routine maintenance, semi-annual roof inspections and regular upkeep, clay tile roofs will out live shingle roofs by almost double the lifespan if not more. They also add value to your home.


Metal roofing can last as long or longer than asphalt shingles. Metal roofs in Florida generally last longer than 20 years.

In Florida, there are two main kinds of metal roofs. The first is a galvanized steel roof and the second is an aluminum or aluminum alloy roof. For Florida homes, galvanized roofs are not always the best choice due to the amount of salt that is in the air. In fact, many roofing companies will not provide a warranty on steel roofs installed too close to sea water. Most roofing companies will however offer warranties of up yo 25 years for aluminum roofs; even on houses that are by the sea water or on the beach.

The aluminum material used to build roofs is also very easy for professional roofers to work with, making it a sometimes least expensive option when it comes to roof repairs or roof replacements.

As aluminum, as a metal, does not look good as it ages most aluminum roofs are covered with colored panels, allowing the roof to be the color best suited for your home.

While in Florida, no roof is immune to the unpredictable weather conditions, studies conducted over the years show that hurricane damage is less on metal roofs than on asphalt or clay tile roofs.


  • Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis will help ensure water can flow off your roof with minimal build up; preventing potential water damage and leaks. For safety reasons, we advise you call a professional roofer to help you maintain clean gutters.
  • Prevent rodents from going onto your roof. Where possible, trim trees and tall bushes that allow squirrels and rodents to live on your roof. Additionally, keeping overhanging branches trimmed, can prevent broken branches and leaves from collecting on top of your roof.
  • Keep you roof free of leaves and moss build ups. If your house has trees your roof can start to pile up leaves, moss and branches which in turn trap moisture. If removing the leaves and debris requires climbing on your roof, we advise to call a professional roofer or roof cleaning service.


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