Roof Maintenance: Simple Tips to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

A good roof provides shelter and protection against outside elements for you, your family and your home. Just like your roof is your protector, so you are the protector of your roof. Maintaining your roof on a regular basis will help your roof do its job as best as it can and for as long as it can; helping you avoid the need for constant roof repairs or worse, a roof replacement (see ten signs your roof needs a repair).

An Annual Roof Inspection

In the following article you will find tips that will help you maintain your roof. But a professional roof inspection is always a good place to start.

If you recently purchased your home and have not had a current roof inspection; or if you’ve owned your home for a long time and haven’t had a recent roof inspection, we suggest getting one as one of the first steps of maintaining your roof.

Relatively inexpensive, a professional roof inspection is a good source of information for you, as a home owner, and can help provide you with more detailed advice as to how to maintain your roof.

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Roof Maintenance is a Good Investment

When it comes to roof maintenance, a little bit or money and some of your time goes a long way in preventing damage that could potentially create a nightmare.

Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever, but repairs and roof replacements can be avoided by roof maintenance (see the average lifespan of a Florida roof).

To help you maintain your roof, here are some simple tips you, as a homeowner, can do:

Roof Maintenance Tips:

  1. Keep your roof clean of leaves and debris. Leaves, branches, moss and debris can collect up along pipes, skylights, next to chimneys and in valleys where roofs meet at an angle. Letting debris pile up on your roof can lead to leaks and damage; as the leaves, branches and debris trap in moisture. That along with intense sunlight and heat from the Florida sun are not good for your roof. Using a garden hose or something similar, you can keep your roof clear of debris. Pressure washing is not advised as it can create damage to shingle or tile roofs.
  2. Inspect and repair flashing. Roof flashing is metal that seals any opening in your roof, preventing water from getting into your roof. Flashing can be found around skylights, chimneys and windows that stick out of your roof. Inspecting the flashing on your roof to ensure that the seal is still good is important to preventing water damage and leaks. Where you see that flashings are not well sealed, repair them by cleaning and removing any existing silicon or caulk and then applying it newly. Keep safety in mind and when needed, call a professional roofer.
  3. Replace damaged or loose shingles. It’s not uncommon for shingles to become loose or go missing. Replacing or fixing them is important in prevent further damage. Using some roof cement, shingles can be put back in place or replaced.
  4. Keep gutters clean. Trees and weather can cause a build up in your gutters, preventing water from rolling off your roof and trapping in moisture. Keeping gutters clear and clean goes a long way in maintaining your roof.
  5. Trim trees that hang over your roof. This helps maintain your roof in several ways. Firstly, it will lessen the amount of leaves, branches and debris that pile up on top of your roof. It also prevents low hanging tree branches to rub the top of your roof and possibly causing damage. And lastly, it helps keeps rodents off of your roof.
  6. Never hesitate to call a professional roofer. If you see damage or if you have concerns about your roof, the best thing to do is to call a professional roofer. Most roofing companies offer free onsite inspections and can help you detect problems you may not be able to see. Yes, of course professional roofers are looking for work, but the longer roof damage goes unchecked or remains damaged, the more costly your roof repairs will be.
  7. Check for rust. If your roof has exposed metallic parts, such as flashing, check these parts for corrosion or rust. Rust can be removed with a wire brush and the metal can be sealed against future rust with a good primer and some paint.

Roof Maintenance As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

Good roof maintenance can be summed up in three easy steps:

  1. Get an annual roof inspection.
  2. Conduct regular maintenance on your roof following the above tips.
  3. Call a professional roofer when you spot damage or see a problem.


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