Steps To Take After Your Home Floods During a Hurricane

It can be devastating when your home experiences flooding during a hurricane. In most cases, there’s significant damage and thousands of dollars in loss. If your home is damaged in a hurricane due to flooding, there are a few steps to immediately take as you begin to clean up the mess and restore the damage.


Avoid Returning Home

After a hurricane has passed through, you may want to be present on your property to evaluate the damage and try to remove some of the water that is present in the building. It’s important to only return home after the authorities say it’s safe to avoid putting your safety at risk. Once you can return to the property, it is still important to follow all public health official guidelines and precautions you assess the damage.


Purchase Clean Water

You may not realize how difficult it is to find clean water after a hurricane has caused damage to your home and the surrounding area. Stock up on clean water to ensure you can stay hydrated while cleaning and removing all the debris that is present. Bottled water is crucial to have on hand because there’s a chance your home may also be under a boil water advisory, which means the water isn’t safe to drink.


Shut Off Your Electricity and Gas

Protect your safety by immediately shutting off the electricity and gas, which can lead to electrical issues and fires. You also want to avoid having contact with the flood water because it can be electrically charged if there are downed power lines in the area. You can resort to hiring a professional electrician to inspect the property and turn the electricity back on if it’s safe.

You can also hire a professional roofer from No. 1 Home Roofing in Palm Harbor, FL, to inspect the structure for any damage that is present. We’ll know the right repairs to perform to prevent further water damage from occurring if it continues to rain.


Toss Your Food

Although you may want to salvage as much as possible after your home is flooded, you’ll need to toss out your food. It’s common for food to become contaminated during floods, especially if it has an unusual color or odor. Any canned foods that look warped or are bulging also need to be discarded. Remember, if in doubt, throw it out.


Expect Mold and Mildew

Whenever there’s water damage present, it always leads to mildew and mold if it’s not immediately cleaned up. This means you should arrive at your home wearing gloves, goggles, and boots to protect yourself. You also need to wash any part of your skin that has contact with the water during the clean-up process to avoid getting sick from E. coli and other forms of bacteria that may be in the water.



Understanding the right steps to take after your home floods during a hurricane can make it easier to take control of the situation while protecting your health and safety. Obtaining the help of professionals can also allow you to avoid mistakes and have a more efficient clean-up process. If you live in the Tampa Bay, FL area, and your roof has suffered damage after a hurricane, contact us today at No 1 Home Roofing in Palm Harbor, FL.

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