Florida Winter: 8 Roofing Tips

If you own a home in Florida, you will never have to worry about snow stacking up on your roof and causing potential roof damage. And while we can’t really say that Florida’s winters get “cold”, Florida’s winter season is still a major change from what your roof is used to experiencing. Cold rain, wind, and increased humidity can be a few factors. 

Here are 10 things you can do to help you maintain your roof during Florida’s winter season:


  1. Replace sealants if you haven’t done so in a while. Sealants are used on your roof around antennas, chimney stacks, and projected parts of your roof to keep out moisture and bad weather. Checking your roof’s sealants and replacing any damaged or eroding sealant will help you have a safe and warm winter season at home. 
  2. Check your shingles to make sure the harsh summer weather and hurricane season didn’t wear them down too much. Florida’s hurricane season ends in November so wintertime is a perfect time to check and ensure your shingles are not falling apart, corroded, or missing. If you find any signs of damage, shingles are rather easy to replace, and doing so can help ensure that your home’s roof is ready for winter and for next year’s hurricane period. 
  3. Clean your roof of any debris. A build-up of debris can stress your roof and cause roof damage. At the start of the winter season, take a quick look at your roof and clean off any debris and build-up, old branches, leaves, and so on. To help you, here is an article we wrote that covers How to Clean Your Roof
  4. Similar to checking your sealants, check your roof’s flashings to ensure that they are still in place and sturdy. If you notice loose flashings, we suggest you contact a professional roofer for assistance. No1 Home Roofing offers free roofing estimates and same-day roofing inspection services. CONTACT US
  5. Check your roof for any valleys or dips. The large amount of rainfall that Florida brings each year can cause your roof to sag or dip. Check to see if your roof has any valleys or points where water could build up. These valleys are often the cause of leaks in your roof. If you spot valleys, call a professional roofer to assess the damage and what can be done to repair your roof. 
  6. Clean your drains and gutters. No seasonal roofing checklist would be complete without mentioning your drains and gutters. To help you, here is an article we wrote about How to Clean Your Roof’s Gutter and Drain System
  7. Trim any trees that are hanging over your roof. Although hurricane season is over, Florida homes still experience winds, rainfall, and cold fronts. If you have trees or tree branches that loom over your roof, a strong wind, the weight of rain, or a cold front could break branches causing them to fall on your roof. 
  8. Book a roofing inspection. If you’re not sure if your roof is ready for Florida’s winter season call a professional roofer to come out and do an inspection.

Roberto Shingletop
Article by:
Robert Shingletop
Senior Editor, No1 Home Roofing


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