6 Signs Your Roof Is In Need of Repair

One of the most important structural elements of a property is the roof. The quality of this one area impacts the entire condition of your property. If you live on the property, you tend to ignore the warning signs indicating the requirement for roof repair, which can invite major troubles.

Therefore, a roof inspection is always prioritized during home inspections.

Here are some critical signs that indicate that you need to get your roof repaired urgently without further delay:

1. Leaking Roof

It is never a good sign to have leaky roofs, more so if it recurs from time to time. A few leaky spots after a big storm can damage the roof. If it is a one-time occurrence, you can probably observe if the leaking persists, and if it continues, you should not delay getting it repaired.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

If you have a shingled roof, check if any of your shingles show signs of cracking, curling, warping, persistent dampness, or are missing. These are sure shot signs that your shingles need replacement. Fragile singles may not be able to stand extreme weather conditions, leaving your roof exposed to potential damages in the future.

3. Drooping Roof

If the roof starts sagging downwards, it indicates a grave structural problem. Sagging roofs are usually caused by changing weathers of high humidity levels. It further results in a buildup of moisture, leading to rot and decay, weakening the structure of the area. It is recommended that you hire professionals for an inspection to understand how the issue can be addressed.

4. Ceiling and Wall Staining

Your walls and ceiling may start showing signs of discoloration if moisture has found its way into the structure. The affected areas display the buildup of moisture in the form of wet patches. You may need to get the issue resolved if the damage is extensive.

5. Appearance of Pests and Animals

Finding pests on your roof is undoubtedly one of the most annoying roof repair signs. You never gauge the severity of infestation until you hire professionals for an inspection. When you first see a pest or critter appearing in your attic, it typically indicates an opening or holes in your roof that need to be covered.

6. Increasing Energy Bills

If you observe a significant rise in your energy bills, it is often a sign that there could be something wrong with your roof. Rising costs indicate that your air conditioning or heat is leaking out due to structural damage. You need to get your roof inspected for damage in case of a sudden rise in utility bills.

Preventing Roof Damages

There are many other signs indicative of roof damage. These include an aging roof structure, clogged gutters leading to waterlogging on the roof, light spilling through the roof, your chimney flashing getting worn, the impact of extreme weather conditions, and more.

Your roof should keep you dry and warm all year through. To do so, you must have your roof inspected professionally regularly. Ideally, you should do this before autumn and winter.

If you live in Tampa Bay, FL area, and you need to get your roof inspected or repaired, contact our team at No. 1 Home Roofing. We can assure you of a sturdy roof with our expert workmanship for years to come.

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