5 Signs of a Roof Leak

It is important to notice roof leaks early on to avoid severe damage to your home, which could result in expensive repairs. Homeowners are encouraged to be prompt in spotting leaks and reaching out for professional help. But how do you know if your roof is leaking? Here are five signs.

Water Stains

If water stains get into your home through the roof, it’s a clear sign your roof is faulty. The stains are usually found on the home’s ceiling, walls, and floors. The color of these stains will help you to see what type of leak they’re coming from:

  • White – This means it’s likely a pipe or gutter leak.
  • Brown/black – This means it’s probably coming from underlayment or shingles on top of your house (or both).
  • Red – This may mean that there are spots where you need new siding installed before calling an inspector!

Mold Growth

As you know, Mold growth is invasive and can be dangerous for the home as well as its inhabitants. Molds usually thrive on excessive moisture. So if you notice molds on the ceilings or walls of your home, it means there is a leakage somewhere in the roof. Water stains and mold growth are usually concomitant by a strong odor. If the mold starts growing on the ceilings or walls of your home, it is high time you call a professional to inspect your roof for leaks and remove the mold before it spreads.


Water dripping, or event just the sound of it in your attic or any other area, is often a sign of a roof leak. Even if the dripping only happens sometimes, you should still investigate the issue to ensure it doesn’t get worse. If dripping is too much or in multiple locations, it’s likely time for a new roof job! Apart from intermittent leaks, dripping can also be caused when ice and snow freeze and thaw.

Missing Shingles

If your roof is missing shingles, it could indicate a more significant problem—a leaky roof. The most frequent cause of missing shingles is usually wind damage, which hailstorms or other severe weather conditions can bring about. Animals such as raccoons or squirrels may also chew on shingles as they look for food sources. It would be best if you kept an eye on shingle granules, too. If you find them in your yard or the gutters, check your gutters immediately to prevent leaks.

Damaged Flashing

Shingles aren’t the only roof material you need to inspect. Check flashing regularly to keep your home away from roof leaks. Roof flashing waterproofs the perimeter and protrusions of roofing systems. So any damage to the flashing can be a considerable annoyance for homeowners. The flashing material can sometimes become loose and lifted during high winds. As a result, rainwater can seep beneath it and enter your home. It is advisable to spot damaged flashing as soon as possible, or finding the leak’s origin can be difficult.

Leaking roofs can be very frustrating, but worry not. If you see any of these signs on your own home’s roof, don’t delay! Call No.1 Home Roofing at (727) 758-2111. At No.1 Home Roofing, we have a fast and friendly team of professionals to repair any damage and prevent further leaks rapidly.

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