What You Need to Know About Flat Roof Installation and Repair

Thinking of getting a flat roof installed or repaired? You might want to get the basics right before you hire an expert. In this blog, we will list the top six things to keep in mind before getting your flat roofs installed (or repaired). Let’s jump right in.

Flat Roofs Aren’t 100% Flat

First things first understand that flat roofs aren’t completely flat; they do have a slope to allow the water to drain easily. It is critical to get your flat roof’s gutters, downspouts, and internal drains inspected. In simpler words, the flat roof needs to be engineered properly and maintained over the years, or else, you’ll end up having a water logging problem. If the water starts getting trapped on your roof, it can stain your ceilings and encourage mold as well as mildew growth on your walls.

Flat Roofs Can Be Used as Aesthetically-Pleasing Roof Gardens

When it comes to understanding the functionality a flat roof provides, people often forget that flat roofs can double up as effective roof gardens–from flower gardens to productive workout spaces, you can experiment with the design and create a useful space for free!

Flat Roofs Must Be Installed or Repaired by Professionals

As tempting as it might sound to go the DIY route, flat roofs must be installed or repaired by a professional contractor. You need to thoroughly vet the contractor and understand the level of expertise and skills they bring to the table.

Flat Roofs Cost Money So Make Sure to Understand What Needs to Be Done

When it comes to flat roofs, the biggest mistake people make is not understanding what needs to be done. For instance, do you need to replace it or will repairing it cut it? The right professional will give you an accurate estimate and help you to tread with caution.

Flat Roofs Have an ‘r-Value’

The R-value basically determines your flat roof’s heat resistance. In other words, it helps determine how much money you’ll end up paying for cooling or heating your home. If you want to increase your building’s insulation, go for a flat roof with a higher R-value.

Flat Roofs Are Supported by Roof Decks

Finally, it is important to remember that your roof deck should be in great condition. After all, your flat roof is structurally supported by it. If your roof deck is not in good shape, investing in a new flat roof may not be a wise idea. It’ll just translate to money down the drain. If you notice corrosion, water ponds, separation, or damage, consider replacing your roof deck.

Replacing a flat roof is no joke. It is a big investment and must be done with thought and care. If you want to leverage the services of an experienced roofing contractor, connect with our team at No 1 Home Roofing. We can handle any kind of roofing project, irrespective of the size, complexity, or scale. Our team comes with years of experience in top-notch roof installations, repairs, and emergency servicing.

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