Three Common Types of Roof Damage

Having a roof in good shape, protecting your house from outside elements, can make the difference between a comfortable and livable home, and an unlivable one. In Florida, your roof is often open to a lot of heavy weather conditions such as heavy rains, extended sunshine, strong winds, and the occasional falling palm tree or oak tree branch.

Most roofs in Florida will last between 15 and 100 years, depending on what kind of roof you have, (also read, Understanding the 5 Most Common Roofing Materials,) but no matter what kind of roof you have or how it was built, maintaining your roof in good shape and calling for a roof repair as soon as you see roof damage goes a long way in ensuring your roof sees a long and healthy life span.

How Often Should I Get my Roof Inspected?

In Florida, due to the climate, roof inspections should be done once a year if not every six months. Many professional roofers offer affordable routine inspection programs that can help detect and repair any problems found on your roof.

But since weather can be quite unpredictable, if you suspect any roof damage after a strong storm, it’s important that you call a professional roofer to have your roof checked out. Repairing a damaged roof early in its stages can help you avoid costly roof repairs or even roof replacements.

3 Common Types of Roof Damage

To help you see any signs of damage on your roof, we are listing three very common types of roof damage and some information that will help you to detect these types of damage on your roof:


Due to Florida’s climate, we often find that roofs are damaged by strong wind. Poorly installed flashing or shingles can come loose or even blow off during heavy storms allowing wind and rain to get under the protective layer of your roof. Wind damage can also occur to the gutter and drain system as well as open up loose seams in your roof.


Upon inspection, we find that a lot of roof leaks are due to damaged flashing. The hot Florida sun can sometimes cause flashing to dry up or crack or the tar used can corrode over time, breaking up the seal used to hold the flashing in place. Flashing are bits of bent metal that are installed under shingles to waterproof corners or areas of your roof that are raised up, such as roof joints or chimneys. If flashings are not fastened properly to the roof, they will come loose and allow water to enter your roof when it rains.


Unfortunately this article wouldn’t be complete without a mention of roof water damage, which is one of the most common reasons for a roof repair. In Florida, roof leaks mainly occur from heavy storms. Because of our hot and humid climate, they are also the most dangerous type of roof damage as moisture build up can quickly turn into mold and cause damage to other parts of your roof and also your home.

How Much Money Should I Use To Repair My Roof?

Leaving your roof un-maintained can get costly when you get roof damage and call for a roof repair. However, doing an inspection and maintenance on it every 6-12 months is more affordable. Spending between $1,000-$3,000 a year to maintain your roof in good order will help it last longer because you will be able to spot roof damage very early in its stages and repair it quickly.

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