How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Roof?

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place! 

Your roof is leaking, it HAS TO BE be repaired, but is it going to cost you an arm and a leg? 

Or worse, is a roofer going to tell you that your entire roof needs to be replaced, at which point it’s a 2-3 day project costing thousands of dollars you had not predicted? 

Well, as one of the leading roofing companies in Pinellas County, let us tell you that roof repairs don’t have to cost a ton of money and that a good roofer will be able to conduct a roof inspection to find the root of the problem and fix it quickly.

So how much do roof repairs generally cost?

No two roof repairs were created equal. The costs of a roof repair will vary depending on the type of roof you have, the roof damage, and the source of the problem. Your roof’s age can also have a lot to do with it. 

What we can do is talk about the national averages. This will give you a good idea of what to expect for what kind of roof repair. 

The national average cost for a roof repair is $898.

(This information was provided by HomeAdvisor, who gets this data through surveying thousands of completed roof repair jobs nationwide: the national average roof repair cost is $898, with most homeowners spending between $354 and $1,452. The most common small roof repairs cost between $150 and $400. Labor runs around $45 to $75 per hour. Roofing professionals should handle any large or complicated jobs. If you have any doubts about your ability to complete the job safely, call several contractors, and collect quotes).

As roof repair costs vary depending on the type of roof you have, we’ve also included average roof repair costs for the main types of roofs.


Average roof repair costs by type of roof:

  • Metal roof: $1,300
  • Asphalt shingle roof: $710
  • Composite roof: $450
  • Wood shake roof: $750
  • Slate roof: $1,350
  • Clay tile roof: $1,000

The main causes of roof repairs are:

  • Damaged or missing shingles or tiles
  • Mold
  • Damaged or leaking flashing
  • Saggy roof or valleys 
  • Roof leak

Roberto Shingletop
Article by:
Robert Shingletop
Senior Editor, No1 Home Roofing


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