8 Shocking Roofing Safety Statistics

Professional Roofers, the Unsung Heroes

As a follow up to the article we wrote above why we suggest you don’t try to repair your own roof, here are some shocking statistics about roofing safety. 

To quickly recap, trying to repair your own roof has proven to be very dangerous, can cause undetected problems and can cause more costly repairs. But now let’s look at the risks a professional roofer runs every time they come to repair or replace your roof.

To start with, coming in at number 6, roofing is one of the 10 most riskiest jobs in America. Professional roofers are three times more likely to experience serious injury than other jobs, with many roofers experiencing injuries every year. 



1. Falling from a roof accounts for three-fourths of all serious injuries experienced by roofers, some being fatal.

2. In construction, falling from a roof accounts for one-third of all fall-related fatalities. 

3. In 2014, 40% of all serious injuries in the construction industry were from workers falling from a roof. 

4. Roofers have the fifth-highest work-related fatality rate in construction.

Professional Roofers are Subject to Electrocution

5. Approximately 11% of all injuries experienced by professional roofers are due to electrocution.

6. In a three year period, about 8% of all construction workers who experienced serious injury from electrocution were professional roofers. 

7. Most professional roofers experience electrocution by coming into contact with power lines. 

At No1 Home Roofing, we take extra care to train our workers to avoid situations and protect themselves from roofing related injuries.


Burns do not make up shocking numbers like falls and electrocution however, it is important that professional roofers are careful to not get burned. As an example:

8. In just one U.S. state, over a 18 year period, 105 professional roofers were burned enough to need require hospitalization. 

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